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The end of an era...

I’m writing this at 12:15 pm EST. I know it probably won’t be posted until closer to 4:00, but I just had to get it out now while I’m thinking about it. There’s roughly four hours and 45 minutes until the Series 4 finale of Skins begins. I have SUCH a wide variety of emotions swirling around in my head about this episode.

First of all, while Skins will return next season, it will be a completely different cast, and I, like many others, have fallen completely and utterly in love with this generation of characters. Sure, some of them more than others, but on the whole, they have my heart.

I got into Skins fairly late. I had seen a lot of online friends talking about Skins and Naomily, but it wasn’t until mid-November of 2009 that I decided to download my first episodes. I had Skins marathons every day for a week after work, and finished Season 3 just before Thanksgiving.

It all happened so very quickly for me. I finished the season, and instantly sought out fanfiction, and other fandom things. I realized once again how much that I love lj, and have actually been posting pretty consistently since then. I’ve also found a lot of great people and new friends that amuse me to no end.

I feel kind of like I’ve been in this non-stop Skins/Naomily-induced haze since November. I literally eat-sleep-breathe it. I’ve always been the kind of person to REALLY get into something. I mean, you look up the term “fangirl” and my picture is probably there next to the definition. I don’t just like the things that I like. I LIVE them.

Not only are there great stories and characters, but they’ve introduced me to some great music as well. Music is pretty much the be-all and end-all for me. It’s really what makes me tick, and the soundtrack of my life in the past few months has been SO Skins inspired that it’s not even funny. So, emotional stories that get to me, and characters that I care about and make me squee are coupled with amazing music that I can’t get enough of. Now I've told you, ok? Now you know.

So, now that this wonderful thing/people that hold my heart are going away, I don’t know how to feel. I keep trying to look at it if it were a movie. Movies are a one shot deal. You LOVE characters, and get involved in their lives, but after two hours, you’re out of it completely. TV shows are different. You literally visit them and their lives once a week for extended periods of time. You become so much more attached

I’ve got a little leeway in that I haven’t actually watched the first two seasons yet. Yes, I know that’s cheating, and you can chastise me later. Naomily were calling my name, and you really can’t deny them can you? No. Didn’t think so. So, I know they’re great, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy them, but it won’t be exactly the same. I’m so backwards sometimes.

I also know that I’ll probably find something else to get into, and focus on it for a while, but the point is that I don’t want to. I have not became this emotionally vested in something in YEARS. I’ve followed the Veronicas and Hanson around on tour, and posted on their message boards every day, but they haven’t gotten INSIDE of me like Skins has. I haven’t been as sad for a TV show to end in something like six years when Buffy went off the air. I cried at that finale just like I’m sure I’ll cry with tonight’s finale.

Degrassi is another one that I was REALLY into. Although, it’s weird in that it’s still on the air, but it’s not the same. The characters that I once knew and loved either had their stories butchered, or they slowly drifted off of the show. There wasn’t a clear and exact point when all of them just went away at the same time like with Skins. It’s evolved into a completely different show, but it happened over time, and not in one day/episode.

I want to know what happens to these people. *cough…especially my girls, Naomi and Emily* I want to see their stories resolved, and I want to see them in a place where they need to be, but I will be SO sad to see them go. It’s almost bittersweet. I WANT to see the episode, but I don’t want for them to go. Naomily/Fitch spinoff anyone?

Regardless of how I feel, It’s happening either way. So, in closing, Skins Gen 2, as cheesy as it sounds, has completely changed my life. Weird how a TV show can do that…


Mar. 18th, 2010 08:52 pm (UTC)
THIS. Like, a thousand times THIS. My feelings toward things I like are either Meh. It's pretty good, but I'm not that invested in it or OMG THIS IS ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT (Skins definitely falls into this category), and over time it moves more toward the meh side of the scale, for example the last thing I was this obsessed over was Buffy, but by the time it ended I was ready for it to end. I mean, I was still pretty upset about it, but I was also ready for it to happen (I think the comics played a large part in this because it meant it didn't completely end.)

With Skins, however, I am so not ready to leave these characters because it feels like there is so much left to learn about them, and so much left to be resolved, and whilst some of this will be addressed in tonight's episode I'm sure a lot won't be. I guess I just want to follow their stories through until they're, I don't know, well adjusted adults, or something.

Also, I haven't seen series 1 and 2 either. I was going to watch them in the break between series 3 and 4, but I was afraid I'd like the first gen more and ruin series 4.

Also, also. I fully support the idea of a Naomily/Fitch spin off.

This was a lot longer than I thought it would be...Sorry!

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