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I'm kinda sorta...really...fascinated by this picture of drunk!Lily at the moment...


iTunes survey...

My Last Seven Days According To Last.FM

If that's not a "trend", then I don't know what is.

Shut up. It was unintentional.


I <3 1997.

So, a post that lazarus_girl made earlier totally caused me to go on a Spice Girls youtube binge.

Apparently, embedding has been disabled on all of the music videos, but whateeeeeeever....POP GOLD! S'all I'm saying!


So, I have no idea what was going on this morning with my computer. Perhaps it was me just not being coherent or something. Either way, after an afternoon of tinkering, and a clean install of Windows, I'm good to go again.

BETTER YET! My pesky video card issues particularly with it being a tool and not cooperating with dual monitors was fixed.

Guess it wasn't ALL bad.
So, kiss this beautiful setup buh bye... I find it terribly ironic that I took a fucking desktop screencap last night before my computer crashed. It's like salt in the wound of "oh LOOK what you had.."

I woke up this morning, and as I was on my way downstairs, I noticed the light on the webcam was on. I thought that was weird, and went into the office to check on it. I know it had some Windows updates to install. So, I also figured I would go ahead and log back into Windows as to not have to wait on it to start back up when I got back upstairs. HOWEVER! It won't boot. I try to go in and change my boot sequence to POSSIBLY...you know..MAYBE get into safe mode or if worse comes to worse, load from disc as to reinstall Windows, but that has the same result. No loady. Black screen. If I can't tell it to boot from disc, I can't do a clean install of Windows, and it's one ginormous paper weight. I haven't had FULL time to look at it, and I had been up all of 60 seconds while I was looking at it, but from my initial look, I don't know if I'll be able to fix it.

What's worse, is that I'm supposed to be going into this "IT Professional" field, and already have a degree to back it up, but I still manage to fuck up my own computer? ALSO irony at it's finest, folks, and possibly not a good sign for my future profession. LoL

Granted, Blue WAS approaching her 5th birthday, but she was top of the line when I bought her, and I've upgraded some stuff since. Either way, NO BUENO! Additionally, I have ONE silver lining. With my schedule and Martina's schedules being so different, I have use of her laptop pretty much every day, but regardless of that fact, I NEED MY OWN.

Don't mind me...

So, this may be completely rambly and ridiculous because I've been hanging out with my friend, rum tonight.

Martina and I had our usual Saturday TV night which includes catching up with the week's episodes of Psych, Burn Notice, and her first time watching Skins.

Of course this is going to come back to Skins. It seems to always come back to Skins as of late. I had told her on Thursday, that the episode was killer, and that I didn't want to tell her what happened because I wanted her to have the same type of natural reaction that I did. I also happened to tell her that this was the first show since Buffy that has honestly evoked this sort of emotional reaction within me.

Her reaction at the end of the episode was "ok..that was it?" to which I LOST IT. Like, I bawled for a good 20 minutes because she didn't "get it". It may have been the rum. It may have just been a delayed reaction from Thursday. I don't know. Either way, she was expecting a sort of catastrophic reaction like the one that she had when Buffy died, but she didn't have it. My theory is that she's just not as emotionally vested in these characters as I am. She LIKES them, but not like I do.

---no sense no sense...I'm not really making any sense---

I'm having a hard time trying to say what it is that I mean. I hate that she doesn't GET it like I do. I think that's what upset me the most. I was a MESS the first time I watched this episode, but she was like "eh..ok?" and that drove me a little nuts.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the internet, and I'm SO very grateful to have it as a tool to utilize to squee and spazz and discuss all things Skins with. HOWEVER! Just for once, I want someone HERE and in person to GET it like I do. I want someone else to be as effected by it as I am. Hell, I'd settle for not being poked fun of for it. My coworkers, Martina, and Jeff give me a ridiculous time every time I have a fangirl moment. I just want someone to understand. Is it SO hard?

AND THEN! While I'm on this emotional trip of drunken fuckery, what the hell am I going to do when this season is over? I am NOT READY to let this shit go.

Hi, I'm Ashley, and I have an obsessive personality. Nice to meet you.

skins_bamfs has made my night...

join skins_bamfs

Seriously, I've been laughing for almost an hour, and that was after THE episode.

My Thoughts On Episode 2...

Didn't have anyone to discuss the episode with in person. So, I discussed it with myself. Obviously, spoilers for the episode, and a mention of a clip for episode 3.


I am absolutely pissing myself on my unch break at these behind the scenes pictures from tonight's episode. I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do tonight. I'm getting odd looks from my co-workers. I think I may reach an octave that only dogs can hear in a moment.